Welcome to my site German in Situations. This site is about Learning German Online for free and will be updated on a regular base.

I will connect this WordPress BLOG with previous sites I have published before.

I will also PODCAST regularly to keep you updated via AUDIO productions.

My main BLOG is on Education and more … which includes an overview of my blogging activities Blogroll including a web profile.

I am an ex -teacher of German and English Linguistics and Literature and have lived and worked in Germany, Namibia and Australia.

More to come soon.

This site gives you some selected LINKS to improve your language skills and knowledge of the German language and culture. This is not a Language Course!

My approach is intercultural, so always feel free and do not hesitate to use your own language, plus the English language and then the target language GERMAN as much as you can.

The more you know and read about the context, the issue and topics, the better – the use of the target language GERMAN will improve slowly by using it. Mistakes are no problem at all, as long as you work on the correct pronunciation, the number of phrases and idiomatic expressions and last not least on your grammar.

Use your understanding of grammar of your own language as a base to improve your knowledge of grammar of German and focus on the differences.

Grammar is structure – Grammatik ist Struktur – LINK Grammar

> (Website Nancy Thuleen

No learning without scaffolding …

Look up what you want to know and learn by yourself as much as you like.

There are no given time limits – whenever you are motivated – JUST DO IT…

Beginners of learning German may start on my BLOG here

This site is under construction – my BLOG on Business German

This is my Pod Business German

German Language and German culture in general – English versions as well


Kostenlos Deutsch ueben

Mein Weg nach Deutschland

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